Research interests

Historical linguistics
Computer-assisted corpus annotation

Current research projects

MEMC - Medieval English (ca600-1500) in a multilingual context

DFG Research Group Emerging Grammars in Language Contact Situations (RUEG)

Conference papers & Invited lectures

Collocations, variation, and register specificity – A study of Heritage Speakers of German (with Nadine Zürn; ISB14, Sydney 2023)

Collocational competence of heritage speakers (with Nadine Zürn; EUROPHRAS conference, Mailand 2023)

Collocational ties in heritage language research: The devil lies in the details (with Nadine Zürn; DGfS-Jahrestagung, Köln 2023)

The dynamic potential of the heritage speaker lexicon: Complex verbs (with Nadine Zürn; Fachbereichskolloquium Linguistik, Konstanz 2022)

Form and function of code-switching in a Middle English sermon (with Annina Seiler; Online-Workshop at FunC: Functional and Cognitive Linguistics, Leuven 2021)

Multilingualism in Medieval England. (Online lecture at PH Vorarlberg 2021)

"Septem signa of loue and morning": Language mixing in Amore Langueo (with Annina Seiler; Historical English Linguistics at Zurich and Beyond 4, Zürich 2020)

Switching languages with style. (MEMC workshop on textual manifestations of multilingualism, Bristol 2019)

Wie Menschen, Tiere und Maschinen sprechen. (Lecture at Kinder-Uni Mannheim 2019), with TV interview in German

Idioms and collocations in code-switching – clues to bilingual processing. (DFG-Forschergruppe Emerging Grammars in Language Contact Situations: A Comparative Approach, Workshop “Code-Switching“. Universität Mannheim. 2.–4. April 2019)

Switching the font: Traces of linguistic awareness in mixed texts. (PLM48 - Poznan Linguistic Meeting 2018, Poznan) Slides

Finiteness-marking in historical Latin-English code-switching. (ISLE5 - conference of the International Society for the Linguistics of English 2018, London; ICEHL20 - International Conference on Historical English Linguistics, Edinburgh) Slides

Language mixing patterns in MS Bodley 649: Clues to author and text genesis. (Understanding Multilingual Sermons of the Middle Ages: Forms, Methodologies, and Challenges. Austrian Academy of Sciences Vienna, 2018)

Von Rechten und Pflichten: Morphosyntaktische Aufgabenverteilung im klassischen Code-Switching (invited lecture Deutsches Seminar, University of Zurich 2018)

Code-Switching Ubique Est: Language Identification and Part-of-Speech Tagging for Historical Mixed Text (with Sarah Schulz; Contribution to lecture series on Digital Humanities 2018, University of Stuttgart)

Zur theoretischen Modellierung struktureller Charakeristika in historischen gemischten Texten (Internationale Tagung Historisches Codeswitching mit Deutsch 2017, Heidelberg) Slides

Abstract Morphology in Code-Switching and Language Change. (XXXV Romanistentag 2017, Zurich) Slides

Stability and variation of inflectional morphology in medieval code-switching. (DiGS - Diachronic Generative Syntax 2017, Stellenbosch) Slides

Stability and variation of inflectional morphology in medieval code-switching. (LAGB - Linguistics Association of Great Britain, annual meeting 2017, Canterbury)

A Lion in the Night: Wie Sprachen sich verändern. (Universität Mannheim, Kinder-Uni)

Morphological characteristics of medieval code-switching. (invited lecture, Cambridge Linguistics Forum 2017)

Creating a part-of-speech tagged and parsed corpus of historical code-switching. (PLM46 - Poznan Linguistic Meeting 2016, Posen), in collaboration with Sarah Schulz (Institut für Maschinelle Sprachverarbeitung, Stuttgart)

Beneath the surface: Abstract morphology in historical code-switching. (LAGB - Linguistics Association of Great Britain, annual meeting 2016, York)

Two sets of rules: Nominal inflection in macaronic sermons. (ICEHL19 - International Conference of English Historical Linguistics 2016, Essen; ISLE4 - conference of the International Society for the Linguistics of English 2016, Poznan)

Compositionality: Evidence from code-switching data. (EUROPHRAS conference 2016, Trier) Slides

"Nomen Iesus est lux bri3t schynyng": Code-switched adjectives and adverbs in macaronic sermons. (CBDA - Colloque international Bisannuel sur la Diachronie de l'anglais, Troyes 2015)

"Wild and vnrewle viuendo": Adjectives and adverbs in macaronic sermons. (Workshop on multilingualism in medieval times, Mannheim 2015)

Phrasemes in bilingual speech – clues to the processing of complex lexical items. (Workshop Mehrsprachige Perspektiven, Mannheim 2014)

“Es ligt mir nit am opere sed am verbo“: Grammatical morphemes in bilingual discourse. (Jahrestagung der DGFS, Marburg 2014)


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