Teaching & Administration

In my courses, I strive not only to encourage the acquisition of expert knowledge but also to foster a deeper understanding of the bigger picture, including the critical questioning of the facts and theories we cover. Through various interactive methods and lots of questions, I try to involve all participants, irrespective of their prior knowledge or their motivation to take the course. In my view, the active exchange of thoughts and questions between the course participants during class is a valuable tool for the acquisition and consolidation of expert knowledge and linguistics skills. By asking the students to apply concepts and theories to concrete language materials, we try to progress from "correct" and "incorrect" answers to creative and inquisitive learning, revolving around the comprehensive application of linguistic methods.

Courses taught

Undergraduate level
Introduction to Diachronic Linguistics
Language Change in the History of English
Idioms and Idiomaticity
Linguistic typology

Graduate level
Multilingualism in Medieval England
Idiomatic Language
Linguistic Typology
The didactics of English as a foreign language II
Academic Writing

Organizational duties

Supervisor of Study Skills Tutorials (2014-2019)